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jan 13. 2021

explored around a bit more today (including on sites of people i used to interact with here), so that was neat. i don't remember a whole lot of what i did in 2018/19 here, but considering i have major memory problems i'm not exactly surprised. i wonder if any of them will ever look at this site again? no clue.. just pondering

writing this mainly for myself, but just in case anyones interested: i may end up moving a lot of old stuff i wrote on my other site (patchouli; maybe others? i know i had a few accounts) here and fixing it up, like my stuff on mental illness, because i still am interested in that. still thinking about stuff i want to have on this site tbh. maybe i'll move my commission information here as well.. or make a page for my interests.. a lot to think about

then again i don't really know why i had so many different neocities accounts for stuff that could've just been here.. you get like, 1gb of space. no clue why i did that..? i'll probably end up deleting them.. o well

jan 12. 2021

first journal entry in like, a year!

the past 3 days or so i've gotten a huge jump of motivation involving this site.. not really sure why. i'm kinda glad, though, because a lot of older, embarrassing things were still up (and were apparently still regularly getting views) and i'm not entirely a fan of that. anyway i much prefer how things are now, especially layout and content wise. i hope you enjoy it, too.

before i started revamping the journal section today i decided to look through my sites profile (50+ pages of stuff, dating back two years) and ended up deleting a lot of really embarrassing comments, threads, and updates i posted that i really didn't need to post in the first place, which was very refreshing. doing that also made me feel kind of.. sad? a lot of the sites that i normally interacted with/interacted with me are dead now, or haven't updated in a few months/over a year. ik after some time updating gets boring, or you just don't have the time or resources to do so (example being me), but it still is just kinda disappointing, honestly. i hope everyone who ran those sites are doing okay these days.

anyway, not completely sure how long i'll still be here (i left for like over a year lol) and i don't really have a plan atm besides adding a lot of my recent art + journal entries, so updates may be slightly sporadic, but i hope to be atleast somewhat active with this site from now on. also i may change up the banner occasionally, but i don't really have any more images of seppy to use that fit within the sites color palette.. so i'll put that on the backburner for now. thanks for reading if you're still here, both old and new viewers, and i hope you like my site.

also i'm going to try to write how i do when i'm talking to my friends and such, so weird wording and/or typos are to be expected :) thnx for reading!