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entries on these logs will contain broken and/or deleted images/links.

jan 22. 2019

i binge-watched the entirety of She-Ra and the Princesses Of Power yesterday/the day before and i gotta say.. i really love catra. and entrapta. i support you m'am

jan 18. 2019 (2)

(pardon me if this entry sounds like nonsense. i'm a bit funky right now) i didn't want to add this to my previous entry because it's 2 important but. as much as i'm a Classic 2014 Tumblr-to-[REDACTED] Migrant Kinnie i can honestly say that raymond from ok ko would be my one True kinnie. like.. seriously. prince of panache. what a fucking legend.

i love this man. i would KILL for this man (sarcasm. only the second part) i'm harnessing his extreme Self Confidence energy as we speak.

also i'm going to use raymond as a secondary name. not for kinnie reasons tho, i actually like the name. i love r names *whips*

jan 18. 2019

i miss [REDACTED] very much. i hope i can talk to [DATA EXPUNGED] again soon. if you see this, [REDACTED], know that i miss you. i miss all of you.

i'm not giving any context for that statement. the only clue your getting is this image, which isn't even conveying the same tone or situation. You Guess. (click it for full size)

unrelated to all of that: i've started watching a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World playthrough. it's quite epic, really. the soundtrack slaps. you should check it out.

uhhh bottom text

jan 17. 2019

i kinda feel like this today

jan 16. 2019

wow! first post of the year. Very Epic.

sorry for the lack of updates (for those who read this section). i virtually have no motivation to work on my site. plus i don't have access like 95% of the time. i have alot i'd like to do with this site, like changing the color palette. the current site layout was specifically designed for a black and white layout, so it'd be impossible to make it look nice. i'd have to redo it. Which i dont have time to do. go figure.

i also would like to add some more personality type stuff to my about page. i'll get to that eventually.

but more on my personal life: i ordered a toriel plush (she arrived on the 12th, shes in my room right now), i started rereading all the wings of fire books since i now own 1-11, i've drawn more, i'm considering buying a music program and making some Sick Tuneage, i got a phone (which i now don't have. currently atleast), and i had a good christmas. i'd list everything i got, but i don't think anyone would want to see that. i got my first request on derpibooru, so thats epic. i also discovered my love for frog cat, and i am now the (self proclaimed) Frog Cat Overlord.

that's all i have for now. i might write another entry later. this ones just for updates :P